100% Local - Yes, United Way

When you donate to charity, you like to know where your money goes.

You’ll like this: When you give to Northfield Area United Way, your money stays here. It helps fund 28+ programs in the Northfield area – all of them local services, helping people here at home.

Together, we feed our neighbors, help with housing, guide at-risk kids. We fund healthcare for the uninsured. We come through for victims of fire, flood, and domestic violence when they need help the most.    

Every donor makes that happen.

Here’s what makes it even better: Every dollar of your gift goes directly to programming. Because corporate donations cover all administrative costs plus programming, we can put 100% of individual gifts directly to work.

Northfield Area United Way has raised nearly $135,000 in the past two months. It’s a great start: We’re at 30% of our goal to raise $450,000 by the end of the year. Will you help us get there?

Here are a few ways your money can work for our community:

  • Give 100 meals to a family.  Your gift of $65 feeds a family of five for a week.
  • Give 100 nights of shelter.  Your gift of $200 houses a woman and two children for a month.
  • Give 100 doctor visits.  Your gift of $600 covers medication and clinic services for 10 uninsured patients for a year.               
  • Give 100 days of after-school care. Your gift of $140 brings supervised care and tutoring to two at-risk children.
  • Give 100 teens purpose and guidance. Your gift of $500 funds 10 programs that increases graduation rates and starts kids off in college.

Some of Northfield’s homegrown programs have become models for other orgs across the region and across the country. Healthy Community Initiative. TORCH: Tackling Obstacles, Raising College Hopes. Northfield Arts Guild’s A+ Arts Club. Bridges to Kindergarten – funding completely by Northfield Area United Way. It’s a lot to be proud of.

We’re proud to work with local businesses, too – including Just Food Co-op and Dokmo Ford, who helped us spread the word and raise money.    

If you’ve already given to NAUW this year, thank you! You keep Northfield strong. If you have not yet made a donation, here’s your invitation:Give online at www.northfieldunitedway.org or send a check to NAUW, PO Box 56, Northfield MN.

We fund a range of programs that keep Northfield strong. We bring community together. Join us!

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