Northfield 360: Where in Northfield?

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This is a 360 degree panorama shot somewhere in Northfield a few days ago. Can you identify the location?

* "Small image":
* "Large image":
* "Low resolution VR movie": ( _requires Quicktime_ )
* "High resolution VR movie ": ( _requires Quicktime_ )

Post your guesses in the comment section!

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Lower Arb by soccer field and west gym?

Very Cool 360

My best guess...

south of town, along the river, between the river and hwy. 3.   kind of behind the city maintenance building... I think it's called Castanella Park?

I concur.

I concur. You can see the bridge in the center and the campus buildings on the right with the gym on the far right.

The VR movie is awesome!

Oops, I meant to concur with the Arb response. :o

Alexander J. Beeby
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Spring Creek, at the

Spring Creek, at the Carleton Arb.


Cool! I didn't know it had a name.

What? No GPS Coordinates?

I thought at least someone would go and do it. 8-)

Right on

I was going to guess the Carleton Arb too (you can see the new Fieldhouse in the background there) but it looks like you all beat me to the punch... Very nice shot!

Right-o, it's the Arb

Guess I should have commented earlier, but pretty much everyone got it right - it's Spring Creek in the Lower Arb, right near the entrance on Hwy 19.