Tony Glover plugs Spider John Koerner's and United Way's Elizabeth Schott's appearance at The Grand

The NDDC is bringing legendary guitarist and singer Spider John Koerner to The Grand this Thursday at 8 pm. Tickets are $6, $4 for students. (Click the poster image for a large PDF.)

See NDDC Exec. Director Ross Currier's three blog posts for background on Koerner and his collaborators, "Snaker" Dave Ray and Tony "Little Sun" Glover: 1) John Koerner and the Folk Revival ; 2) Carleton Class to take Field Trip to the Grand: 3) My Koerner, Ray and Glover Story .

Here's me doing a 5 minute recreation of Tony Glover's opening for his nightly stint as an 'underground' DJ on Twin Cities' radio station KDWB 63 back in 1968-69. Theme song: Procol Harum's Repent Walpurgis. 'Tony' plugs Spider John's appearance and asks his audience to donate to the Northfield Area United Way's campaign when they see Elizabeth Schott at the event. (My apologies for the lousy audio quality. No fancy tools available last night when I got the inspiration to do this.) Keep reading for the transcript:

Opening remarks: 2:15-3:00

Hi. It's me. Tony Glover. (Not really.) Coming to you live all night long till 6 am here on KDWB 63 in the Twin Cities. Brought to you by J.A. Gerber Jewelers, 385 Wabasha Street in downtown St. Paul. Home of the Northern Star diamond.

Event promo: 3:20-4:00

Big news in Northfield this week. Spider John Koerner is appearing at The Grand on Thursday night Feb 23, 8 pm.  Some blogger named Ross Currier put the gig together. Go hear Spider John. He's not half bad. And while you're there, watch for a babe passing the hat for the Northfield Area United Way. Elizabeth "Red Thermometer" Schott is her name. Put some money in the hat, will ya?

Closing: 5:00-5:15

See you tomorrow, midnight to 6 am, right here on KDWB 63. That's easy to remember.