The Big Wu (with the Flying Eklund Brothers) at The Rueb


I just got a phone call from a colleague, Andrew Eklund, CEO of Ciceron in Mpls. He's on his way to Northfield for tonight's Big Wu Anniversary Show at The Rueb, He and his brother Nathan will be on-stage.  Why?

From the Big Wu FAQ:

The Big Wu was founded in 1992 by St. Olaf College students Chris Castino (guitar), Terry VanDeWalker (vocals), and Jason Fladager (guitar). Andrew Eklund (bass; now owns Ciceron, Inc.), Nathan Eklund (Keyboards; now a High School teacher), Chip House (drums, now an internet marketing specialist) made up the rest of the regular line up. Julie Crumrine (vocals) and Julie Niksitch (vocals) made frequent appearances.

The band played their first gig on 2/14/1992 in the Lion's Pause in the basement of the old Ytterboe hall at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. Every song played was a cover by the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, or the Allman Brothers. There weren't many people in attendance, and no one in attendance had any idea what was being born that night... continued

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Another Chip...

...and a drummer to boot. I'm not alone!!! :-)