Precinct Caucus Night on March 7, 2006

I remember being nine years old and sitting at my first precinct caucus.  I chimed in with my two cents about Jimmy Carter, and my parents beamed.  I've loved precinct caucus discussions ever since.

Once again it's time for us to put in our two cents worth.  While election day is not until November 7, 2006, precinct caucus night will happen soon.  Northfielders can get together to discuss everything from health care to educational funding, and more.   We can air our goals and dreams and talk about what makes us worried or concerned.

You don't have to declare your political party to attend, but DFLers and Republicans do caucus in different small groups.  

DFL caucus information:
March 7, 2006
7:00 pm
Northfield Middle School

Republican caucus information:
March 7, 2006
7:00 pm
Northfield High School

For those of you who might live outside of Northfield: The cities of Northfield, Dundas, and the townships of Northfield, Bridgewater, and Wheeling will all meet at either Northfield Middle School or Northfield High School, depending on whether you want to attend the DFL or Republican caucus.  Minnesota's Northstar website lists legislative districts if you need more help. 

Precinct Caucuses in depth:  More happens at the caucus than just discussion.  Chairs and delegates are elected to go on to the next level in our political process-- the county and senate district conventions.  Delegates have the ability to endorse candidates and to elect and run for delegate positions to the State and Congressional District conventions. Also-- the other business at these caucuses is the passing of resolutions.  These resolutions can be carried up the levels and added on to the party platform.


The photos (click to enlarge) are of Ray Cox and David Bly. Cox is the Minnesota House of Representatives incumbent and the photograph is his official state photograph for Legislative 25B (used with permission).  Bly has announced his candidacy for the same legislative position and is pictured at a recent meeting where he asked for input from local citizens.


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Great post!

Great post Holly! I was actually considering the need for such a post.

BTW, I believe another candidate has also filed for the 25b state house seat.

Alexander J. Beeby
Father, Friend, Citizen

Another candidate?

Hi, there is another likely candidate from Belle Plaine, as far as I know.  But I don't believe he has formally announced his run. 

Another candidate...

The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board lists 4 candidates for the 25B State Representative seat:

  • Bly, David - DFL
  • Lies, Tim - DFL
  • Sauter, Lee - DFL
  • Cox, Raymond - RPM


Hi All,

I know Tim Lies, and David Bly have been actively campaigning. I haven't heard from Lee Sauter - I'll try to contact him to see if he's running or if his showing on the Campaign Finance Board's website is from the last race. I've heard that he ran for endorsement before.
I'll let you know what I find out.
Shawn Groth
Rice County DFL Chair