Looking For Something To Do This Weekend? One-Act Plays at the Nfld High School

I'm about to blow the lid off a well-kept secret: This year's performance of the student-directed One-Act Plays at the Northfield High School. I saw the performances last weekend. (Click the poster for a larger view.)

Okay, I HAD to go, because one of my daughters is involved. But by the time it was over, I had to admit it was one of the most delightful experiences I've had in a long time. The students did a fabulous job in selecting, directing, and acting in these short plays, and anyone who enjoys live theater with a bit of improv will have a great time.

At least one of the plays ("David's Redheaded Death") has a very adult element, so it's not appropriate for kids, but it's a sensitively done dramatic piece. "Ferris Wheel" is excellent; "Jack vs. Jill", a farcical legal proceeding, uses audience participation to determine the outcome; and "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" is very, very funny. Performances are this weekend at the NHS auditorium, Friday and Saturday evening at 7:00p. Do yourself a favor, and see what great creative kids we're turning out in this community.

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I agree with your review of the one acts...quite a treat on a cold February evening!