Meet the Earth: Sustinaining Ourselves, Our Community, and Our Environment

Sustainability--we throw this word around in offices, schools, and communities, but what does it mean?  How does it relate to our psyches and social networks?  Meet the Earth: Sustinaining Ourselves, Our Community, and Our Environment, aims to help us think about how we can balance our lives and express ourselves in healthy ways through art, workshops, and music!   Take some time to listen, share, and reflect upon how you sustain your own life.

The event,  freely provided at Carleton College, will begin at 12:30 in NOURSE Hall (the building directly East of Arena theater) where Dean Wagner will present a sustainability award to a staff or faculty member for the year 2005. From 1:15-3:15pm renown ARTIST and ACTIVIST Libby Roderick will give a workshop on "Sustaining the Self: Life balance" in Nourse, which will be followed by the opening of an Art show in Hulings Hall.  The art show is entitled "Sustaining: Life" and is still accepting works from the Northfield community.  Food and live music will be at the Art show.

In the evening, Libby Roderick, famous for her healing songs such as "How Could Anyone" will then be the primary performer for a concert in the CHAPEL, beginning at 7pm.  Opening acts include Carleton acapella group The Accidentals as well as St. Olaf performer, Lucus Paine.  Come for a relaxing and fun musical evening!