(New) Chairman's Corner

Doug B.Greetings from the new Board Chair of Northfield Citizens Online. I've served on the board for three and a half years, but just a few weeks ago our former chair (and current vice-chair), Bruce Morlan, passed the reins of leadership over to me. And what a fortnight it's been!

I don't want to spend a lot of time talking about the new look and functionality of Northfield.org, but I would like to say one thing about the change: it's huge. At this point it may just look like we moved a few things around (and maybe you take issue with where we moved them...let us know!), but stick around for awhile and you'll start to feel the fundamental shift that's underway. And keep this phrase in mind: "Power to the people!"

I'd really just like to use this "bully pulpit" to share a few of my recent observations about Northfield and NCO...

First of all, I want to say how proud I am to be living in a community that inspires a passionate citizenry to even conceive of such an organization as Northfield Citizens Online, let alone keep it alive for nearly fifteen years (so far)! I am frequently and consistently amazed by the enthusiasm that I've seen displayed by everyone involved in the efforts of NCO: board members, committee members and other volunteers, content contributors, Issues List participants, and even the people who write to complain about us! They are all working on one common goal: strengthening the fabric of our community.

I am honored to be part of an organization that compels people to volunteer so much of their time and dedication to achieving its goals. That's a lot of often thankless time away from their families and loved ones, not to mention time they could be spending earning money for their efforts!

And I am so very thankful to the amazingly talented, hard-working and dedicated group of volunteers on our Tech Committee: Chip Cuccio, Adam Gurno and Sean Hayford O'Leary. Under the guidance of our absurdly overworked and underpaid Executive Director, Griff Wigley, they've moved us an evolutionary leap forward with the relaunch of Northfield.org.

I look forward to the increased communication, collaboration and civic engagement that this new platform will allow.

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Kudos appreciated

Thanks for posting this well-written, thoughtful piece, Doug.

What Griff said!

Here here!

Well said. Thanks techies!

Alexander J. Beeby
Father, Friend, Citizen