Malt-O-Meal rolls out new "Chipotle" breakfast cereal


Malt-O-Meal announced the regional testing of a new hot breakfast cereal flavor: Smoky Chipotle.  Chipotle will join existing hot cereal flavors Original, Chocolate, and Maple & Brown Sugar.  MOM spokeswoman April Sloof explained their decision to expand the flavor line-up:

"The flavor preferences of the average American are evolving over time and we here at M-O-M pride ourselves at staying at the forefront of American haute hot cuisine.  As the melting pot of America changes, so to will the Malt-O-Meal breakfast pot."

"The new 'Smoky Chipotle' cereal features a strong Southwest pepper flavor and hints of liquid smoke, just like the porridge your Mom used to make.  We think it harkens back to a simpler time, a time where kids were free to bicycle among the cactii without helmets on."

The new flavor will be appearing on store shelves soon as Northfield has been selected as one of the test markets.