“Dear Northfield”, a Historic View of Our Town

An image from the set.Full disclosure: Yes, I had a tiny part in this but I'm super-lazy and a majority of the work wasn't done by me. ;)

The Northfield Historical Society and Hayes Scriven, in association with Tim Freeland, have produced a really neat video showcasing a then-and-now video photo essay.  Here's a blurb from the write-up on KYMN:

The basic idea behind the project is that you take a historical photograph and overlay it on a present day view.  I showed Hayes Scriven of the NHS some of the stills around town that I had started to shoot and he decided to create a video utilizing various historical photos framed over modern day Northfield .  [...] We hope you enjoy!

Click here to read the entire story and watch the (really really cool) video.  Do it!  It's great and only takes a few minutes!