Outlaw Run Slated for August 27



The Northfield Historical Society invites you to explore Southern Minnesota like the notorious James-Younger Gang did, but this time, we are riding steel horses.

         On September 7, 1876, the Gang, led by Jesse and Frank James and the Younger brothers, attempted a bank raid on the First National Bank of Northfield.  While the raid was in progress, the townspeople rounded up their firearms and fought back.  When the fighting stopped, two Northfielders had been ruthlessly murdered by the Gang, and two of the outlaws lay dead in the streets.  The largest manhunt in U.S. History (at that point) ensued.  The Younger brothers were captured in a slew outside of Madelia, MN, while the Jesse and Frank escaped to meet their fate at a later day.

         Saturday, August 27, riders will saddle up on their motorcycles and explore Southern Minnesota like the gang did before the attempted raid.  The event begins with a recreation of the robbery.  Then the riders will follow the trail down the old Dodd Road to Warsaw.  On the way back, we'll water the horses at New Prague, where we will stop for a FREE lunch.  Finally we will case the town of Elko and then return to Northfield for a post-rally party with prizes.

         Everyone is welcome to come along.  The cost is just $20.00 per rider, and includes an Outlaw Run t-shirt plus a chance at prizes in our drawing.  All of the funds raised benefit the Northfield Historical Society Youth Programs.

        To sign up, go to the Northfield Historical Society's web site at www.northfieldhistory.org/outlawrun

        For more information, contact Jeff Johnson at 507-663-1075 or the Hayes Scriven at Northfield Historical Society 507-645-9268.