Vintage Band Festival - A Sound Decision for ‘Give to the Max’

Nov 15 2012 8:00 am
Nov 15 2012 10:00 pm

Are you a fan of the Vintage Band Festival? Well it’s coming back in all its glory August 1-4, 2013! This exciting 4-day international music event not only celebrates the music and instruments of past eras, but brings history to life right here in the streets of Northfield. Planning is heavily underway and marching steadily ahead, but like all great events it’s no small feat to put together. VBF needs your help to make it a success in 2013! Visit VBF on GiveMN at

Over 100 concerts will be performed from an estimated 30 bands -- of various musical heritages, time periods and influences -- to bring witness to some of the most unforgettable music in history. Bands come from across the country and around the world to create a high impact, multi-cultural scene in our small-yet-booming music city. In addition, VBF transports its love of historic music throughout Northfield by offering “lunch, listen and learn” concerts at local restaurants and pubs, a vintage “base ball” game, a vintage ballroom-style dance, and a vaudeville show, just for the sheer entertainment of it all.

All of this has been offered free of charge to the general pubic in the past, and the Vintage Band Festival (VBF) planning committee wants to make that happen again. Thoughtfully consider a contribution to the Vintage Band Festival this Thursday.

For more information on VBF, visit