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Hot Reads for Cold Nights returns to the Northfield Public Library this winter.  During the cold, snowy months of January and February, curl up and read some books and win prizes at the library!  Join the library Hot Reads program starting Monday, January 7,  and read for prizes until Friday, March 1.

Countering Conflict with Your Heart: Creating peace in Relationshipsis program being offered for Northfield area residents by John Owens, Certified Life Coach. The program will be eight sessions held every other Thursday from 7 to 9 PM (venue in Northfield TBD) beginning January 17 from 7 to 9 PM, and running alternate weeks through April 25. Cost is a voluntary donation; the benefits are priceless.

This course is for anyone wanting to improve relations with family members, coworkers or others in their lives. More information and can be obtained on the website where you can also register for the program or direct questions to John.

Start: Feb 8 2013
End: Feb 17 2013

The Northfield Arts Guild Theater proudly presents  two one-act plays, Yiddish Cowboys and Cabin 12, in An Evening of One-Act Plays.  An exciting world premiere, Larry Greenstein’s Yiddish Cowboys takes place in Poland in 1939, where townspeople of Villeker are excited to have a real Hollywood western filmed in their village. Cabin 12, written by John Bishop, is a powerful story of a father and son who must find a way to communicate in their time of grief and transform their pain into love. 

Start: Feb 17 2013

YOUNG ACTORS WANTED - The Northfield Arts Guild Theater is hosting auditions for the  young adult show I Was A Rat! adapted by Barbara Field from the children’s book by Philip Pullman.  A delightful family-friendly tale, I Was A Rat! tells the story of Little Roger, a happy little rat chosen to be one of the coachmen for Cinderella’s carriage.  Mistakenly left behind by the coach, Roger is transformed into a boy and must look for his place in the strange human world. 

Auditions are scheduled for Sunday and Monday, February 17-18, 2013, from 7-9pm. Adults auditioning will be asked to read a cutting from the script.  Young people auditioning should come prepared to tell 1-2 minutes of a favorite fairy tale and display a wide-range of emotions.   All auditions will take place at the Northfield Arts Guild Theater, 411 W 3rd Street, Northfield.  Please call the Arts Guild to schedule a short individual audition time.

Start: Feb 17 2013 3:30 pm

Winter Tour Home Concert
Anton Armstrong, conductor

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