Katy Hargis

Candidate for School Board

hargisMy name is Katy Hargis. I am currently running for another term of school board, having served my first (almost) four year term in January. I am a parent of five children, 2 are in college, 1 is in middle school and 2 are in 5th grade. Previous to my school board, I have served on many committees, most recently the Parks board here in Northfield for 7 years. I believe that to be really effective in adding a voice to our school district board, I need to serve another term.

Northfield has many opportunities for learning within our community. You can send your child to a charter school, a private school, companeros program in the public schools or even homeschool  your child with strong support from our district. This is a benefit that many school districts our size do not have. Our school district however, is not immune to the many pressures facing our fellow school districts-mainly tax base dollars and funding. Because of the high standards we place on teachers, we look to recruit and keep our teacher salaries within metro schools parameters as well as offer as many courses and opportunities we can. We do this, but we operate on the margins of funding that our metro schools do not have to contend with.

There are many, many issues coming up in the next year or so--do we keep companeros? Is so, what will/should it look like? What about the overcrowding of our elementary schools, do we build a new addition? Do we use portable classrooms? Do we live with it? What about our class sizes at the high school level? Currently AP Calc has apx 38 students in it. Is that ok? What about all the testing and the time it takes away from teaching? etc

I don't have answers to these questions and would be lying if I felt there were 'easy' solutions. But what I can tell the public in Northfield if they vote for me, is that I will continue to ask the hard questions, probe, look deeper and base my knowledge and vote on the best possible information at the time.

As always, if someone has a question or a problem I am always willing to meet and discuss and help facilitate as best as I can.

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