Kevin Budig

Candidate for School Board

budigI am a 12 year resident of Northfield and have served the Community as a Paramedic for 12 years. I have been a soccer coach and a baseball coach. I have also volunteered at Greenvale Park in the classroom and on field trips to both Wolf's Ridge and Eagle's Bluff. I am running for School Board to ensure that our money is being spent in the classroom where it is needed. We need to support our kids, that is all of them, regardless of their abilities and needs.

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Responses to questions submitted by participants:

1. How would you address the concerns of schools not making "Adequate Yearly Progress" as identified by the No Child Left Behind Act?

I feel this, the “No Child Left Behind Act”, was the usual kneejerk reaction of the federal government to a issue which local schools could have dealt with given the opportunity. To pass an Act with standards that are inflexible and does not allow for an opportunity to work with a diverse population, where some may need to learn English as their first priority. It does not allow for children whom may learn at a different pace or may need a different approach. It forces us into mass production teaching. Almost a learn it or else mentality. Is that education?

2. Although significant budget cuts have been made in the recent past, further cost cuts or additional income might be necessary. How would you approach such a situation?

Right now with the economy in the shape it is and the fact that 27% of the State budget goes to Public School Funding tells me that asking for more from the state or the taxpayer will be iffy at best.

My question is what happened to the 3.5 million dollar surplus Northfield Public Schools had a few years ago? We need to look at all our costs and funds available and make sure we continue spending the taxpayers money frugally and wisely.

We must do our best to keep the funds we have going to where we need it most, the students.

3. What do you see as particular points of pride in the Northfield Schools?

(No response.)

4. What relationship would you like to see between the district and the two charter schools it sponsors?

As the Northfield Public School system is the sponsor there needs to be accountability and measurable means to ensure that progress and that students are successfully achieving their goals. As Charter Schools provide an alternative to students whom may not achieve great success in the traditional school setting I feel it is a needed alternative.

5. Both colleges in town have made news as leaders in bringing better --and more locally grown -- food to the students' tables. Do you feel that Northfield's public schools are doing a good job of providing our children with healthy and smart food choices?

I do not feel we can compare lunches served in a Public School System with those served by Private Colleges. It is not comparing apples to apples. I feel Northfield Schools does provide a balanced daily meal for all students.