YMCA Day Camp โ€“ Something Different for the Kids This Summer! Ages 3 - Middle School

boys at YMCAGirls at YMCAAnimals, bugs, barns, farms, plants, rocks – it’s all outdoors and there is SO much to explore. What are you looking for this summer? 1/2 day programs, 3, 4 and 5-day programs, full week programs, one week or all summer, the Northfield Area Family YMCA has it all.

We have programs for preschoolers (Wee Camp), elementary age (Day Camp, Y Navigators and Prairie & Wood) and middle school youth (Teen Adventure).

Our goal is to provide high quality, safe, outdoor experiences that will give your child more options for fun OUTSIDE of ‘screen time’. Kids get an average of 5-7 hours of ‘screen time’ a day (video, tv, games, computers, etc). Our goal is to support the youth in our community to get out and enjoy themselves outside, learn about our environment, stretch their muscles and simply have fun!

AND the chances are highly likely that the cost of our programs is less than regular summer child care. Programs are very flexible, come one week to Y Navigators and another week join us for Prairie &Wood or even Day Camp! For more information, visit our website at www.northfieldymca.org and select the “Camps” tab or call 507-645-0088 and ask for Virginia or Lyn.

Y- Navigators (3, 4 or 5-day program offered all summer long):

  • Explore and discover hiking, camping, gardens and scavenger hunts
  • Music, cooking, and weird science
  • Animals, bugs and barns
  • Physical fitness and fun with more games than you can imagine
  • Our world, the planet, endangered species and the truly weird
  • Curriculum based-Arts, character development, fitness, science, and service learning
  • Multiple trips weekly to include a weekly trip to an outdoor pool & the library (weekly cost includes ALL costs of field trips to include transportation)

Prairie & Wood (1/2 day camp):

  • Explore nearby prairie, woodland, bog, marsh, lake, and river ecosystems
  • Learn about rocks, trees, animals, and other natural phenomena
  • Create environmental arts and crafts projects
  • Games Galore with an emphasis on cooperation and teamwork
  • Make music, bake, conduct experiments
  • Weekly trips to local parks, farms and fossil sites (weekly cost includes ALL costs of field trips)

Day Camp (weekly program offered 5 weeks this summer):

  • New & old friends having a ton of fun Nature hikes, animal & bug search, explore the wonderful outdoors
  • Weekly trips (swimming, visit a farm, organic garden and so much more! (included in the weekly cost)
  • Games to stretch the body and exercise the heart and spark imaginations
  • Team building activities, playing with new and old friends, arts and crafts
  • Hands on learning about the wind, earth, water, weather and our environment
  • Imagination and adventure opportunities abound in the great outdoors
  • Unique experience each week

Wee Camp (2-1/2 hours a day, four days a week):

  • Explore the wonders of the outdoors, hikes, hunts, animals & bugs
  • Work in a garden, appreciate the rain, clouds and the sun
  • Exercise and stretch those muscles with lots of games and giggles
  • Arts and crafts of all kinds
  • Team building and playing with old and new friends
  • Imagination and adventure opportunities abound in the great outdoors

Teen Adventure (1/2 day, weekly program offered 3 weeks this summer):

Teen Cuisine Camp (July 6-9)

Community garden, organic food, vegetarianism, cooking and eating, visit/work at local businesses (pizza parlors, Just Food Co-op, restaurants), cooking your favorite meals as well as the ideas our youth have!

Teen Media Camp (July 20-23)

Write a newspaper article for the Northfield News, talk on the radio with KYMN, journal writing, photo essays or murals, scrapbooking, publishing your work, write nonfiction, fiction or music, writer and/or photo workshops with guest authors, write a resume. We’ll tap into our youth and find their media passions!

Teen Outdoor Camp (August 3-6)

Orienteering, examine nature, clean up the river project, Northfield reduce, reuse, and recycle, bugs, animals and other Northfield critters, local endangered species, ultimate-arboretum, swimming, local environment and ecosystem concerns.