World's Largest Swim Lesson

WLSL Group

What a magnificent turn out for the first annual World's Largest Swimming Lesson put on by Community Services and held at Northfield's Old Memorial Pool.  Fifty-six participants engaged in a half hour swim lesson in an attempt to help break the world record for the most people taking a swim lesson at once.  Northfield was one of more than seven hundred sites across five continents registered for the event.  WLSL is an event to help raise awareness that swimming lessons save lives.  I saw lots of shivers this morning, but everyone was engaged and was learning something.  Participants learned about water safety and took part in blowing bubbles, kicking, floating, submerging their bodies under water to look for dive toys, and worked on swimming strokes.  Parents and children proved hardy on this brisk morning and turned out for a most important swimming lesson!  Stay tuned to find out if the world record was broken!