WordPress for Noobs begins January 10. Get it through Your Thick Skull


In late October, I hosted (with a little help from my friends, Tracy Davis and Sean Hayford O’Leary,) two WordPress Q&A webinars for Northfield area WordPress users. A few days later, I attended my first Minneapolis-St. Paul WordPress User Group meeting. And two weekends ago, I presented two sessions at WordCamp MSP in Richfield.

All of which served to convince me that A) the popularity of WordPress continues to grow; and B) the demand for help in using it continues to grow.

So I decided to create an online course called WordPress for Noobs, and have it be the first course delivered by my new interactive learning platform, Your Thick Skull. (For more background, see my Nov. 28 blog post.)

WordPress for Noobs begins January 10.  Get it through Your Thick Skull.

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WordPress for Noobs, Online Course starts this week

Just a reminder: My WordPress for Noobs starts this week. Get it through Your Thick Skull!