What is going on with the Northfield Public Library?

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Yes, we are moving temporarily to City Hall.  We will open on the second floor Monday, June 1st.

The MOVE (It’s temporary)

*The library will be relocated to City Hall from June 1st through the completion of the NEW RENOVATED LIBRARY in December or January.

* City Hall is 6 blocks south of the existing library at 801 Washington St.

* We will not be closing. Library services will continue at city hall.

*We will be removing all library materials– that’s over 65,000 items.  That’s not including desks, chairs, artwork, computers and shelves.  It’s about 100 pallets or 5 semi loads going into storage.

* About 9,600 items will move with us to City Hall.  We will still have full access to all our regional library partners materials! It is easy to request items from the other libraries, please ask for a demo.

* Yes, we will have volunteer opportunities. For information contact Debby Nitz 507.645.1802

*The library will be on the second floor. There is an elevator and 2 sets of stairs. It’s great we have a space to move to.

At the temporary Library at city hall there will be:

* Books for all ages, adults, teens, kids  and babies.

* DVDs,  Books on CD for all ages.

* Public computers and printers.

* Library staff ready to help you.

* Booker, the book bus will house the summer reading program and will be LOADED with great books and movies for all ages.

*Books & Stars, our summer outdoor entertainment series will begin June 10.



Monday  9 am to 6 pm

Tuesday  9 am to 8 pm

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9 am to 6 pm

Saturday 9 am to 5 pm


City Hall 801 Washington St.

Phone 507-645-6606

(all the library extensions will follow the staff to the temporary location)


For more info check out the Library’s website