Daily motorcoach service to begin operating between Northfield, Twin Cities

Your daily commute doesn’t need to be painful. Now with the new Northfield Metro Express you won’t need to worry about traffic congestion, weather or the price of gas. Just sit back, relax and leave the driving to us.

The daily motorcoach service between Northfield and the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul will run multiple routes seven days a week beginning Aug. 31. The vehicles will feature comfortable seating, tables, bike racks, seatback tray tables, restrooms and free wireless Internet service. 

Northbound commuters/travelers will have express service to multiple locations in both cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, as well as the airport. Our southbound routes will focus on commuters and travelers coming into the Northfield area. There will be stops at Carleton College, St. Olaf College, Minneapolis/St. Paul Int’l. Airport, downtown Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul, the Mall of America and many more!

Commuters -- try us out for a month for only $99/month! Visit Northfield Lines for schedules and value packages, or call 888-748-9634 to sign up for this special limited-time offer.

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You've got the image

You've got the image reversed; door is on the wrong side, company name is backward.