Su Smallen and Larry Gavin Poetry Reading at Monkey See Monkey Read


Su Smallen and Larry Gavin will read from their latest poetry collections at Monkey See Monkey Read Thursday, May 15, 7:30 pm.

Buddha, Proof is a funny, smart book, a Minnesota Book Award Finalist republished by Red Dragonfly Press in a new, lg_buddhaproof_cover(sept4)-1382383183expanded edition with twice as many poems. Buddha befriends Barbie, shops at Target, rides roller coasters, contemplates the complete perfection of toast. “The poems are a fresh encounter with the Buddha, with his perceptive eye, brought right up into our contemporary American cultural landscape, with his customary humor and gravity” (Joyce Kennedy). These imaginative poems meet him on the Western road and “invite the Buddha into our lives as someone with whom we might at last have something in common” (Lawrence Sutin). Premised on questions of purpose, suffering, and compassion, these are whimsical and thoughtful poems you’re likely to remember a long time.

“Buddha, Proof offers readers compelling collisions between Smallen’s re-imagined Buddha for our time (for all time) and a vast array of characters, landscapes, and philosophical bewilderments. These poems enliven the spirits of all who read them.” -Deborah Keenan

lg_gavin_praise_cover(1-28-14)-1395427450 Larry Gavin’s fourth collection of poetry, contains poems about Carp and post holes and rivers, poems about weather, fishing, and friends. Like a river persists past all obstacles, these poems simply insist on gratitude. They suggest that everything begins with The Initiation of Praise.

Larry Gavin is a writer, editor, and poet. His first collection of poems Necessities was published in 2005 and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His second book of poems titled Least Resistance was published in 2007 and nominated for a Minnesota Book Award. In addition, he edits a postcard magazine called Tumbling Crane dedicated to the haiku in English. Mr. Gavin has been a field editor for Midwest Fly Fishing Magazine since 1994 and has written over 75 articles on entomology, conservation, and travel for the magazine. His work has also appeared most recently in the August issue of Lake Country Journal, and it has been anthologized in Minnesota Seasons: Classic Tales of Life Outdoors and in Farming Words (2008) edited by Bill Holm. His poems also appear in the sesquicentennial anthology County Lines which will contain poems that represent all 87 counties in Minnesota. His poems were featured in September 2008 as a road sign poetry project on Tower Road in Fergus Falls. Each line of a four line poem will appear in sequence along the roadside.