Shop Northfield First -- Students Work to Help Downtown Businesses

prairie creek community schoolSubmitted by Jeremy Andrew, 4th grade student at Prairie Creek Community School

Recently at Prairie Creek Community School, the 4th and 5th graders created a plan to keep businesses unique to Northfield running. We have a pledge asking people to look in Northfield first for what they need before going to chain stores. When it’s time to go out for dinner we want people to consider local restaurants like Tiny’s or The Tavern. If nobody considers stores that only Northfield has, those stores will probably go out of business, and then there won’t be many unique-to-Northfield shops left. If chain stores replace our stores, the town won’t feel as friendly and less people will want to move here. We love Northfield so we want to keep it unique and thriving. To make this happen we need your help. Save Northfield by signing our pledge to shop Northfield first, and join our rally on Saturday March 7th from 1-2 p.m. in Bridge Square, see you soon!

Copies of the pledge are available by e-mailing (our teacher)

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Hurrah for Nfld First!

I think I see a career here for young Jeremy.  Nicely written article--clear, concise and informative.  And, good message too.  We'll be at the rally!

Nice article Jeremy!  I

Nice article Jeremy!  I support what you wrote.  It is good to see the PCCS 4th and 5th grade class work on this "Northfield First" initiave.  It is important for Northfielder's to shop locally, to keep our dollars here in town in order to support our local businesses so that they can make a living and stay in business.  It is a very brutal economy out there!  I really like your campaign and I plan to attend the rally on Saturday.  Good Luck!

Thanks to Jeremy for publishing on!

Jane B McWilliams


You can count on me to take pledge to shop locally! And thanks to you and your friends at Prairie Creek, more people will be encouraged to do so, as well.

I'm glad you decided to publish your article on and I hope you'll encourage other students at Prairie Creek to write and publish some, too - on any topic they're interested in and which they think our readers might like to read.

Keep up the good work!


Go Northfield!

Hi Jeremy,

Unfortunately I read the article a few days late and missed the rally.  I'm glad to take the pledge to support Northfield businesses!  We need more people like you in town to spread the importance of shopping locally!  

Thank you and way to go!

Suzy Cowles