Rental Skate Supply Doubles Thanks to Skate Drive!

A big thank you to the Northfield community for donating your skates to our first winter skate drive. The number of rental skates available at the Northfield Arena has doubled to over 70 pairs.

Thanks to the drive's success, we at the Northfield Skating School have been able to better meet our goal of increasing access to ice activities. The new rental skates were used for our PRIMEtime collaborative skate as well as lessons and open skate, and we look forward to hosting more skaters at  our upcoming Girl Scout Skating Fever.

Special thanks to our partner organizations for hosting drop boxes: Culver's, Goodbye Blue Monday, Carleton ACT Office, St. Olaf Volunteer Network, and the Northfield Arena.

Though the skate drive is "officially" over, skate donations are accepted at ANY time at the Northfield Arena pro shop, 1280 Bollenbacher Drive.

If you would like to co-host a skating event,  please contact Carey at