Regi Haslett-Marroquin to Speak on Changes in Food Production

The Northfield Senior Center offers a series of conversations on Hot Topics of the day.  This Wednesday (1/30) at 10:30am Reginaldo Haslett Marroquin will address these questions about our food production:

How do we plan to produce the food of our future under a less predictable climate, with higher demand and heavy industry manipulation? What would it take to make our food system local?

Regi will break down these questions with specific examples of products, following them from farm to table, then counterposing them with the challenges of climate change, food demands, resources, seasonality of our food production in MN and other factors that must be accounted for in MN.   He will also address food-industry barriers to making our food system local. 

The talk is open to the public.  Location: Senior Center, 1651 Jefferson Pkwy.