READING RAIDERS Boys' Book Club -new book starting!

Feb 2 2009 7:00 pm
Feb 2 2009 8:00 pm

Monday night book club for boys 9 and up in the library’s meeting room. 

Join Northfield father Patrick Ganey in reading the  "The Green Glass Sea" by Ellen Klages.
The book begins in November 1943, 10-year-old budding inventor Dewey Kerrigan sets off on a cross-country train ride to be with her father, who is engaged in "war work." She is busy designing a radio when a fellow passenger named Dick Feynman offers to help her. Feynman's presence in this finely wrought first novel is the first clue that Dewey is headed for Los Alamos. The mystery and tension surrounding "war work" and what Dewey knows only as "the gadget" trickles down to the kids living in the Los Alamos compound, who often do without adult supervision. Although disliked by her girl classmates, "Screwy Dewey" enjoys Los Alamos. There are lots of people to talk with about radios (including "Oppie"), and she has the wonderful opportunity to dig through the nearby dump for discarded science stuff. However, when Dewey's father leaves for Washington, she is left to fend off the biggest bully in Los Alamos.
Free in the library's meeting room.  Copies of the book will be provided.
Northfield Public Library 210 Washington St.  645-6606