PRESS RELEASE UPDATE: Rising River Levels - Flood Prone Property Preparedness

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City Staff have been working with the National Weather Service (NWS) to evaluate the rainfall amounts and corresponding effect on river levels in the area.  Areas to the south of Northfield in the Straight and Cannon River watershed areas received significant rainfall in the previous 24 hours, and water levels in the Cannon River have been rising fairly quickly.  At this time, no precipitation is expected through the weekend.
NWS professionals have created the attached graph depicting potential rainfall and resulting possible Cannon River levels in Northfield. NWS is still predicting the Cannon River to peak at approximately 896.5’ – 897.5’ on Thursday, September 6, 2018. The river level is expected to slowly fall after that time. In Northfield, 897’ is considered flood stage.  If the river reaches that level, some Northfield properties and park areas along the river would be directly affected.
City Staff continue to meet with members of the Defeat of Jesse James Days Committee to evaluate potential impacts on events in the riverside areas.  At this time, it appears most events will remain in their planned locations, with minor changes as needed to accommodate river water and/or water- logged ground areas. The Carnival is the one event that will change location (away from Ames Park,) to the Post Brands parking lot on Highway 19.
Property owners in flood prone areas are urged to evaluate their flood preparedness and monitor weather information and river levels.
-    Please check personal devices and subscriptions used to receive weather alerts to ensure you have the ability to monitor such alerts.

-    If your home or business is in the river/flood zone, please make sure you have the materials, resources, and/or contacts necessary to enact protective measures if needed.

-    We have posted numerous resources, guidelines, and contact information on the Northfield website home page, under “Emergency Preparedness Resources”, at the following link 
City personnel will continue to monitor weather and river levels and will disseminate more information as it becomes necessary.  Check the City of Northfield website for updates.  Please contact Police Chief Monte Nelson at 507-663-9301 with any questions.
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