Precinct Caucuses Scheduled for February 4


On Tuesday, February 4, 2014, at 7:00 p.m., the first steps in preparation for the November general election will be taking place at precinct caucuses.These are political party-organized meetings which bring neighbors together to set in motion the structures and political goals of their respective party.

What happens at the caucus?

*Elect precinct officers who work to organize political activities in the precinct. This could include maintaining contact lists, convening political meetings and helping with campaign efforts.

*Discuss issues and ideas for the party to support. People may bring ideas, called resolutions, to be voted on. People usually bring a typed or handwritten copy of their resolution.

*Vote for the person you want the party to support for governor. This is called a straw poll, which is an informal poll to learn how much support each candidate has. Candidates are officially chosen at future meetings, called conventions.

*Elect delegates to represent your precinct at upcoming political conventions that are held during an election year. The first are the political party’s county or district conventions. At these conventions, delegates endorse candidates to represent the legislative district, and then choose a smaller number of delegates for the party’s congressional and state conventions.  These delegates will endorse candidates to represent the congressional district or statewide offices such as governor or U S. Senator.

Who can attend a caucus?

Precinct caucuses are open to the public. But in order to vote, offer resolutions, or become a delegate, you must:

*Be eligible to vote in the fall election.

*Live in the precinct.

*Be in general agreement with the principles of the political party (Minnesota does not have an official party registration process.)

Party designated offices that will be on the 2014 statewide ballot:  U. S. Senator; U.S. Representative; Governor and Lt. Governor; Secretary of State; State Auditor; Attorney General.

The Northfield locations of the caucuses of the three principal political parties:

Republican Party

Northfield High School

400 Division St. S.

Northfield 55057


Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

Northfield Middle School

2200 Division St. S


(Independence Party

Owatonna Community Education 122 E. McKinley Street

Owatonna 55060)


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