Please help us to get Larry up and rolling again!

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Melissa Bernard wrote this to make Northfielders aware of the Ramp Up For Larry campaign that was launched with regards to raising funds to help Larry Sanftner fix his van.  I know Larry and dog Molly have a prominent role in your Northfield or Faribault school, business, non-profit, etc. and as you know it is so important that he continue as a contributor to the plethora of activities and programs with which he is involved.  His transportation to those programs is vital to their success.    

Doing So Much, The Chair Not A Crutch!


It’s Friday night lights and out on the field,

not a person doesn’t see the man and his wheels;

“Kick the ball straight and through the uprights,”

says the man to the kicker with all of his might.


It’s a Tuesday and Thursday evening in the fall of the year,

and the man in his chair, through Sechler he steers;

Flag Football in Northfield, a highlight for kids,

the man was there, he supports and he gives.


It’s the bouncing and shooting and dodging of balls,

the bumping and spiking that reverberates off walls;

Open gyms, leagues, and youth programs taking place,

this man of fervor has become their base.


It’s the clanking of weights and the grunts of the kids,

this man gives the eye, and to them he bids,

“Get going, get going, let’s get some work done,”

Early to the weight room, it’s hard work and some fun.


It’s a day at the school, with his dog in hand,

reading with students in Sibley land;

Or at the library with dog at their side,

kids comfortably read and to her confide.


It’s to the Retirement Community, all across town,

to bed sides of patients, love does abound;

Laura Baker too, benefits from their work,

visiting, petting, for hours they lurk.


The man and his dog have given so much,

and the wheelchair above all has not been a crutch;

A hunting accident nearly cost him his life,

but supported he was by eight kids and a wife.


This great man is Larry & Judy is his gal,

Molly is the dog, and oh what a Pal!

Together they strive for community growth,

Internally, externally, important are both.


So now is your chance to give back to this man,

to Judy & Molly and help fix his van;

Ramp Up For Larry, and join the campaign,

get em’ up and rolling and out of the rain.


An account has been set up, checks to “First National Bank,”

put Larry in the memo, we give you our thanks!

And then when you pass by this man and his dog,

you’ll know you contributed to clearing the fog!


Larry, the community appreciates all that you are,

A doer, a giver, you are our star;

From the depths of our heart and then even more,

we thank you and your family, all we adore!

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