Passenger Rail Service For Northfield?

MnDot is revising the State’s Passenger Rail Plan, and a regional grass roots initiative has succeeded in getting Northfield tentatively designated for passenger rail!  MnDOT is requesting public Comments on this proposal.

Two routes are proposed for study – both connect south central Minnesota to the Twin Cities using existing rail line through Northfield. In addition to restoring the historic passenger rail service to central Minnesota, the Northfield line continues south to Kansas City where it connects with three of Amtrak's long distance routes (Los Angeles, Denver and Dallas).

44 central Minnesota cities, counties and stakeholder groups have written in support of the Northfield Passenger Rail Corridor. Now MnDOT needs to hear from you – the public.

Public comments are requested by MnDot to the Rail Plan Website (link by March 10

So submit your comment today.

More information about the State's Rail Plan is available  HERE/MnDot Rail Plan website 

For more information on the Central Minnesota Inter-City Regional Passenger Rail Initiative visit the project website www.mnrail.orgor contact City Council Representative Suzie Nakasian or Rep. David Bly David Bly <>

Thank you. 




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