Olaf installation confuses/frightens town

Tallest building overlooks town; "It watches me", complains resident.

St. Olaf's new installation of a ... thing ... on top of Larson residence hall continues to disturb and frighten local residents. Installed two weeks ago, the "eye" (as it has come to be known) gyrates 24 hours a day, spinning around to seemingly 'stare' at townspeople as they go about their day.

"I don't like it," says April Sloof. "Whenever I take out the garbage, it looks at me. I know that sounds dumb, but it does. Most of the time it just watches the cars go by on Highway 19, but if you go walking around it'll turn and look at you."

The St. Olaf administration continues to refuse to answer questions about the eye, with a few of them begging us to stop asking.  "Please!" said David Gonnerman, associate director of marketing and communications. "Try and act like it's not there -- there's nothing we can do about it."

"All hail Sauron," he added.

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Well, this explains all of the hobbits running around Northfield lately.


I think you took that from my driveway

Re: ?????

Anthony Pierre possesses the One Ring to rule them all....