Northfield.Org Internship in Review

Amy wishes to thank Amy Sack for serving as our intern during the month of January.  Amy researched and wrote four feature stories for during January.  The stories are archived below the fold.  We would appreciate any feedback readers might have on Amy's stories. hopes to publish more "feature stories" in the future.  You (our readers) are encouraged to submit your own stories.  Just register as a user with, then check out the drop-down Submit Content menu above to get started. is also offering a training session this Friday for those interested in learning more about how to submit content to the site. 

Stories by Amy Sack, January Intern

Getting to Know the Mayor (Better): An Interview with Mary Rossing

The Northfield Public Library in 2009

War Kids Relief: Creating Peace by Connecting Kids

Breaking “the Bubble”

See also: Introducing Northfield.Org's January Intern: Amy Sack



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Well done

You did a lot of good work in a short amount of time, Amy. Thank you!