Northfield Voices: Town and Gown

Over the winter term, seven Carleton College students who took part in Professor John Schott’s Cinema and Media Studies Audio Workshop produced four short audio works that explore the interaction between college students and the wider Northfield community.  The audio pieces explore the issues of student off-campus housing, student drinking, student employment in the community, and the broader issue of the relationship of students to the Northfield community.  The pieces, and more information about the project, can be found at the Northfield Voices: Town & Gown website. 

The students hope that members of the community will join the conversation by commenting on the "Northfield Voices" blog or in the comment section below.  Ideas for these pieces were developed through conversations with Northfield Representative Journalist Bonnie Obremski and Carleton's Academic Civic Engagement coordinator Adrienne Falcón.

Here's a taste of "Northfield Voices," a piece on the often contentious issue of student rental housing in the Northfield community, which recently contributed to the crafting of a new city rental ordinance.  The piece features interviews with Carleton students, community members, landlords Dr. Lavern Ripley and Steve Schmidt, and Northfield Mayor Mary Rossing.  The creators of the piece, Kat Morris and Megan Lynn, write: "It is important to recognize where the interests of students, landlords, and neighbors intersect. Our hope is that this project, which explores a variety of perspectives, will foster communication and understanding among the different groups concerned." 

"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Produced by Kat Morris and Megan Lynn.

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