"Northfield Tales" from Carleton's Winter Term Journalism Class

As a final project for their Winter Term 2014 journalism class at Carleton, Doug McGill's students put together a website of "Northfield Tales," which includes "stories of the city's inspiring elders, war veterans, everyday environmentalists, the practice of curiosity, and much more." Each of he stories in the collection is a brief and engaging read, and illuminates a facet of life in Northfield. Each section of the "Northfield Tales" website includes several thematically-linked stories. The "Education Town, USA" section, for example, includes stories on kindergarten and kindergarten-readiness, TORCH, career and technical education at the high school, and the Senior Center and Cannon Valley Elder Collegium. The site highlights the vibrancy and diversity of the Northfield community. 

"I've never heard anyone say they came here to gradually decompose," says one retiree quoted in the piece on educational opportunities for seniors. 

Click the link or the photo at right to go to the "Northfield Tales" website. 

Thanks to Doug McGill and his students for telling these great stories about the Northfield community.