Northfield, Northfielders featured in KSTP Malt-O-Meal story

videoOn Nov. 18 Twin Cities ABC affiliate KSTP TV (channel 5) aired a story about how Northfield's own Malt-O-Meal company is doing well in the current economic climate: "Economy down, Malt-O-Meal sales steadily rise." The two Northfielders interviewed for the story are grocery shopper Judy Covey and St. Olaf faculty member Sian Muir.

"In the face of several Minnesota companies laying off workers, there are some bright spots," the story begins. "Among them is Northfield-based Malt-O-Meal, where cereal sales are booming.

"It can warm you up on a cold winter day, and right now Malt-O-Meal sales are red hot. In fact, the company is having a tough time keeping this comfort food on supermarket shelves ... "

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Jane B McWilliams

The KSTP news team came in to the Historical Society where I was working yesterday - saying they wanted to do a story on our famous cereal, but the M-0-M company wouldn't talk.  Obviously, that didn't slow them down!



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Yeah -- the reporter told me that, too. I'm curious about why MOM didn't respond to them. Since they can't keep up now, maybe they're wary of even more business.

MOM comments

MOM is a private company with a reputation for not talking about itself. In addition, company HQ is in Minneapolis, not Northfield. It's likely that Northfield workers are not authorized to speak for the company.


The company does seem to be a good Northfield neighbor whose jobs and production air pollution are easy to appreciate. Talking more would only seem to produce even better community relations.

Never there....

One reason that no one responded from MOM could be that many of the upper management based at the Northfield plant are seldom in their office.  Office staff are lucky to see our managers actually managing about ten hours a week!   Someday the Minneapolis HQ is going to figure out that they are paying a lot of money for very little work!