No cost events to help you improve your employee wellness program


Rice County Public Health is pleased to announce a series of free skills sessions, e-newsletters and turn-key tools to help employers build and strengthen their employee wellness program.

A kick-off meeting is being held Tuesday, May 15. Attendees will receive an overview of the series, guidance on building a stronger business case for workplace wellness and learn about workplace wellness best practices. The kick-off meeting is Tuesday, May 15 from 8:15 to 10:30 am in the Teleconference Room at South Central College, 1225 3rd Street SW, Faribault. A light breakfast will be served.

Other free skill building events will be offered periodically through June 2013. A full schedule of the project is available at the kick-off meeting or by calling Linda Pellowski at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota at 651-662-4536.

The skill building sessions will help you to gain stronger leadership support for workplace wellness, write a wellness vision statement, write meaningful and measurable goals for workplace wellness, form a wellness committee, create a wellness brand, develop workplace wellness policies (tobacco-free workplace, healthy foods, physical activity) and improve the workplace environment to support healthy behaviors and implementation of best-practice programs.

Organizations that register for the project will also receive seven e-newsletters that build upon the education provided during the skills sessions. 

Register by entering your information at