The New Target Field

Target Field

After the opening of the new Target Field in April, how do Northfield residents feel about the new addition to the Twin Cities? With all of the new features and activities the Target Stadium offers, Northfield residents are having exciting and unique experiences while cheering for the Twins.  

“I think the park is a shrine to Minnesota and we're very fortunate to have such a beautiful stadium,” said Tim Freeland, a Northfield resident who recently had his first experience of the new ballpark.

Another Northfield resident, Patrick Ganey, had a very special first experience at the Target Stadium. Ganey’s son was chosen to be an honorary ball boy, and delivered the game ball to the pitcher’s mound before the start of the game. After the opening pitch, father and son enjoyed the new stadium seating. All seats are situated to face home plate.

“Target Field is made for watching and playing baseball,” Ganey says, “and while some seats may be better than others, there are no bad views at Target Field. Target Field celebrates baseball beautifully.”  

Although many Minnesotans have received the new Target Field with open arms, some people have their differences in opinion. One issue many people have with the new stadium is the use of taxpayer dollars to fund the new ballpark. The approximate price tag on Target Field was $522 million dollars. Approximately 2/3 of that money is publicly subsidized by an increase in sales tax in Hennepin County. Is it fair? Local Northfield resident and KYMN contributor Adam Gurno recently attended a game at the new Target  Field. and shared his thoughts about the funding issue. “I was, and remain, an opponent of public financing for stadiums,” said Gurno.

Not everyone is opposed. Ganey looks at public funding as an investment in Minnesota. “The baseball season is long,” he says, “with at least 81 home games each season, which means that fans are spending time and money in downtown Minneapolis for at least six months each year; that’s vastly different than the 8-10 games played at home by a football team.  With those things in mind, I support public financing of Target Field, and agree when the host city requires the owner to make a major commitment to the stadium and to the community, ensuring taxpayers that the team will not move out of the city.”

When you decide to travel north for a Twins game, there a couple facts you may want to keep in mind about transportation to the game. Freeland shared two of his different travel experiences. “I used the light rail from the MOA but found it way too long, and the line to get back on the train led us to take a cab back to the MOA.  Another time we used parking ramp downtown and found it to be accessible, fast and only $10,” says Freeland. If you have small children, you may want to pay for close parking. However, the light rail may be a good date option because you will save money and it’s eco-friendly.

As you walk into the new house of the great Minnesota Twins, you are immediately in awe. “There's a lot more to do at Target Field than the Dome,” says Tim Freeland. The new stadium offers a fantastic family experience. Kids can become acquainted with the new Target Field mascots Minnie and Paul, grab an ice cream and root for the home team. There are also featured theme nights. For example on July 2nd there will be post-game fireworks for the 4th of July. The new stadium is also great for date night. Catch a game, a beer, and maybe a pop fly with your sweetheart. Even though there are no more dome-dogs, the new stadium is already loved by Northfield residents. Take the opportunity this summer and experience the new Target Stadium and don’t forget to root root root for the home team! Go Twins!