National Teen Council Names Jenna Scheffert as Minnesota Representative

Jenna Scheffert was selected to help to achieve the Vision of the National Teen Council: To connect the nation’s brightest young leaders, providing them with resources and ideas to make an impact on both a local and nationwide level.

The National Teen Council was founded in 2013 as an opportunity to engage the nation’s greatest young leaders. The program is student-based and student-ran (and is not affiliated with any national government organization–rather, we are a student-led network of passionate student leaders).Selected leaders engage in discussion about local and national youth issues, exchange leadership ideas, and take part in both local and national projects.

Jenna Scheffert is a rising senior from Northfield, Minnesota. She is a member of her city’s youth council, and is currently working with the Mayor to implement new positions for youth on standing voting committees. She also takes part on the YMCA State Board Committee of Youth in Government (YIG) and has been appointed as floor leader for a youth model assembly session. 

Jenna is co-captain of her high school Mock Trial team and is part of her school’s speech team. She is also part of 4-H, and attended the National Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. in 2013. Jenna enjoys learning more about Business, and is part of DECA Business Club and has competed at state since her freshman year. One of her greatest accomplishment is co-writing 43 chapters for a local history textbook that is now being used with third graders in the school system.

Jenna is an avid traveler who loves to experience new cultures and societies. She has already traveled to Mexico, Canada, Belize, Europe and Africa and is excited to be traveling to India for three weeks to help build elementary school classrooms this summer. She believes traveling has widened her horizons and shaped her mindset toward the passion she has for enacting positive change.

Academically, Jenna is an ‘A’ honor roll student, and is part of National Honor Society. She hopes to one day pursue Business, and is a strong advocate for gender equality in the workplace. She has a strong voice and wants to create lasting change in society.

“Every student has the ability to make a difference; you just have to find that spark and get the fire going for the passion you believe in; soon enough you will be able to sit back and watch it blaze toward a brighter future,” Jenna said.