MPR profiles 10-year-old Northfielder

Samantha Castro Flores is the subject of an MPR story

"Inside a crumbling trailer in Northfield, Samantha Castro Flores walks to the bedroom she shares with her mother and 4-year-old sister and shows off a closet bursting with clothes," reports Minnesota Public Radio's Elizabeth Baier in her story, "Latino families battling childhood obesity."

"Samantha is an all-American girl, a 10-year-old born in Northfield. She listens to MTV, watches SpongeBob cartoons and paints her finger nails bright colors. Like many girls her age, she cares a lot about how she looks.

"But somewhere on her way through childhood, she was confronted with a hard fact about her body, a lesson she learned trying on clothes. Sometimes she can't find a size of pants that fits."

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