Minnesota Public Radio spotlights Northfield's TORCH Program!

Northfield's TORCH (Tackling Obstacles Raising College Hopes) Program - was featured on a prime-time radio segment that was aired last night on MPR's "Ground Level/Making Connections" Program." 

Click here MPR salutes Northfield TORCH to hear the program (once on the site, find and click on AUDIO (right center of page) to replay the 10 minute program. The segment celebrates TORCH's effectiveness in building relationships that support the academic and personal success of income challenged youth in the Northfield School District. Since 2001, TORCH has raised the high school graduation rate among latino/a students alone from 38% in 2004, to 98 % for the past four years, and 100% in 2012. The program, which to this point has been completely funded by private grants and donations, is uniquely effective in addressing the "achievement gap" in Northfield and its results have made it a model that other Minnesota communities are beginning to study and emulate.

While focused on TORCH, the program also points to the extraordinary network of local support and partnerships within the Northfield community that sustain the program, and make it a model for other Minnesota communities. 

Tune in by clicking here - MPR salutes Northfield TORCH - to hear this inspiring celebration of TORCH and Northfield!

For more information about the Torch program, and its students and volunteer opportunities (business mentors, academic tutors, counselors, donors, and more)

Visit the TORCH web site at http://northfieldtorch.org/

Submitted by Suzie Nakasian, TORCH Advisory Board