Local Cat Park Not Doing As Well As Dog Park

Northfield's new "Cat Park" on the corner of Jefferson Rd, Jefferson Lane, and Jefferson Court, is not doing as well as city officials had hoped.  "The city paid thousands to open this up.", said one city official who did not want to be named, "I mean, I'm for equality and all but the lawsuits are starting to pile up."

Indeed, it was hard to hear the official at all over the howling and hissing noises coming from the park.  Visitors huddled in the far corner, waving sticks to try and keep the cats at bay. 

"In retrospect, the addition of the catnip patch was probably too much.", said the official.  "The organic cat boxes and Prairie-style scratching posts fit well with the image that we are trying to promote of the town though."

People who use the park see it differently.  "The first time I brought Sweetums he freaked out and scratched me so badly that I needed stitches.", said Pilar Lofo, a park user. "The second time didn't go so well either.  He ran up that tree and wouldn't come down until after dark.  But this time, you can see that he's much happier.  Look, he's made a friend."  Pilar motioned to her tabby who was hissing at another cat with his back arched. 

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As usual, Dundas was there first.

Just as with outdoor dining, Dundas was "been there, done that" before this topic was even a glimmer in the jaundiced eye of Northfield's favorite blogger.  Now we read of a "Cat Park" in Northfield. Years ago Dundas tried this, with their infamous "Cathouse".  Never seemed to catch on though, but we did enjoy watching them play. And there were certainly "No dogs allowed".

is this related to the great

is this related to the great spaghetti harvest of '57???????????