The Library's Teen Advisory Board is seeking donations of GREAT stuff!

2014 Garage Sale.jpg

Are you spring cleaning? Would you like to help out teens in Northfield?

For the second year in a row the members of the  Northfield Public Library's Teen Advisory Board (TAB)  will be helping out at the city wide clean up events on 8- noon Saturday, May 3 and May 12 at the City Maintainance Facilty.  Donations for TAB along with your city clean up items can be brought to 1710 Riverview Lane. (Turn off Hwy 19 at Perkins and go just past the new Safety Center to the building with diamond windows! There will be signs. 

The TAB Garage sale will be Saturday, May 17th from 9-2 pm. The sale is part of the Goods for Goods city wide garage/rummage sales for charity. The proceeds will benefit the teen summer reading program and other teen events and supplies at the library.  For more information please call 645-1804 or email