Layl McDill, visiting artist, to teach polymer clay workshops at Arts Guild

Flower Wall Sculpture

You have probably seen Layl McDill's fantasy sculptures and wall hangings at local art fairs. (If you haven't, go to for a sampling.

Layl is coming to the Northfield Arts Guild at the end of May to teach two workshops so that you can create your own polymer clay fantasies.  Both workshops are on Saturday, May 31st.

Make a Flower Wall Sculpture in her 3 hour afternoon workshop. Your 8 inch polymer clay flower will really bursts from the wall! Learn the mysterious fluffiness technique and the new "McDill Twist".  Then play in the glitter! Who doesn't love glitter!?

If you want to try something simpler first, you can take her morning workshop.  You will learn several simple techniques like the jellyroll, checkerboard, stripes, and bulls eyes and incorporate these techniques into more detailed designs to make flowers, stars,butterflies and even a simple face design! You will also learn some color  mixing techniques and secrets. Materials are supplied.

For more information, including times and fees, go to the Arts Guild website at or call the office at 507 645-8877.