Invitation to Join Northfield Masters Swim Club---join us in our 21st season!

Knightcrawlers after practice
West Gym pool where we practice
We are starting our fall season of the local Masters Swim Club on October 1. We will swim every mwf at 5:15 am; workouts end at 6:25. We swim at the West Gym of Carleton. Sessions feature customized workouts created by a great coach (Kevin O'Brien) and some individualized instruction. Swimmers are placed in lanes according to ability. All swimmers are welcome. Current members range from those who have swum in college to those whose background is purely recreational. A small number of members compete in US Masters meets, but most swim for fitness and the comradery of our early morning plunges into the pool. Join us!
For more information, we have a Facebook page (search for Knightcrawlers). It's a wonderful group of swimmers. The cost of the fall session is $100 for 20 practices. In addition, swimmers need a USMS membership (Carleton requires this for insurance.) A free trial-month membership is available.
Thanks for your consideration. Feel free to contact me by email ( or phone (507-581-6727) You could also call Patsy Ophaug at 507-581-1287. There is also an information meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 25, at 7 pm, in the conference room of the West Gym at Carleton.