Introducing Marika,'s Student Journalist

Marika Christofides

Hi everybody! My name is Marika, and I’m the intern who’s been posting human interest stories like Spotlight on Bob Gregory-Bjorklund and Northfield Knits. I’ve been writing for since Spring, and I thought it was about time I introduced myself!

A native of Washington, I became addicted to writing when a neo-noir detective story I wrote for my 4th grade class (inspired by Calvin and Hobbes’s Tracer Bullet) won an award at a center for the literary arts called the Richard Hugo House in Seattle. I got to read it in front of an audience while wearing a 1940’s fedora that my dad helped me find at a thrift store. Since then I’ve been writing almost constantly.

I am currently a junior at Carleton College, working towards a BA in Philosophy (although I take a lot of English classes). After Carleton, I hope to go into journalism or publishing.  So I was beyond thrilled when, upon my return from a study-abroad program in London with Carleton’s English department (and after crossing my fingers all Spring break,) I got the job at last spring. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to hone my journalistic writing skills while getting to know the Northfield community.

Things I love about Northfield include the strong arts community, how friendly everybody is, the bounty of awesome coffee shops, and sunny winter days when the snow looks all sparkly. I think that Northfield is unique in its connectedness and abundance of outlets for community journalism.

In my spare time I enjoy reading books, watching movies, and cooking and eating (especially things with cheese). I have two cats named Cocoa and Jerome who I miss every day. I’m also involved with campus publications like the Lens (Carleton’s multidisciplinary student-run magazine of arts and culture) and the Manuscript (our literary journal).

My focus at has been on human interest stories, profiles, and events in the arts – although I am more than willing to stray from my “beat.” If you have an event you think I should cover, a person with an interesting story you think I should interview, or just an idea for a story you think I should write, you can email me at I would love to hear your ideas!