Help Solve Downtown Parking Problems

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Want to have a voice in solving downtown parking problems?

The city has contracted Griff Wigley (Wigley and Associates) to create and manage a way for the public to participate in a conversation about downtown parking.  He has launched “Parking Management for Downtown Northfield, MN ( where everyone can learn about the parking issue, participate in the discussion, and have an impact on future city decisions.

Need for and possible solutions for additional parking downtown have been discussed for many years. Creating new parking lots is one option. At a recent meeting the city council approved their parking committee’s proposal (which included use of social media) for engaging stakeholders in discussions for better management of parking in the downtown area.  The Northfield Downtown Development Corporation will conduct the conversation, according to City Administrator Tim Madigan in his December 11 memo to the council.

On January 4, Wigley announced the new blogsite on his Locally Grown Northfield blog saying he’ll be “teaming up with Ross Currier, Executive Director of NDDC. “ Currier has a post on the new site explaining the background of this venture and inviting everyone to help look at how “to assure that people can get to and stay in downtown through a variety of transportation options.”

There are several ways people can keep abreast of this pioneering project:  email,  RSS feed, Facebook and Twitter.  Wigley says the plan is to make is as easy as possible for Northfielders to learn about the issue and to play a role in developing alternative solutions.  He has long hoped the city would use the web and social media. This project could be a pilot which might ultimately result in regular interactive features on the city’s website. 

The parking study blog feed has been added to our blogroll (right sidebar), under Government Officials.