Get your pens boys they’re threatening our post office!


As you are probably aware, Regional District Manager, Anthony Williams, of the U.S. Postal Service has contacted Mayor Rossing indicating the Post Office is considering a consolidation of the downtown branch of our post office - and relocation of postal services from that site to the Highway Annex.  We are writing to appeal for clarity and pointed action on this important issue.  In fact it’s not clear that a final decision has been made to close our post office. City Administrator Tim Madigan is working to find out the facts. As we await that word – let’s get busy.

As the City Council representatives for downtown, we will advocate vigorously to keep a postal presence in downtown Northfield.  If the postal service leaves Bridge Square, more than just postal employees will go with it. Over 260 downtown businesses and residents rely on the window and post box services at the Bridge Square facility, and its location in the center of our community draws pedestrians to the downtown on a daily basis.

We are sympathetic to the Postal Service’s need to achieve greater efficiency, but it is not clear that the proposed consolidation will achieve this goal. Abandoning our vital town center for the remote highway annex seems to us to provide consumers with good reason to stop using the postal service, in which case the proposed move will have been for naught. Northfield’s vibrant downtown is the best place for our post office.

So let’s get busy.  The NDDC is spearheading a Save the Post Office effort that already includes representatives from the City Council, Chamber of Commerce, EDA, NEC and Northfield Arts Guild.   As part of that group, we encourage local residents to immediately write to Post Master General Patrick Donahoe and District Manager Anthony Williams (addresses below) to let them know that the proposed move does not make sense for the majority of our local residents and businesses. Share with them your personal observations and particular stories to help make the case: the proposed consolidation will hurt Northfield and is a bad business move for the Postal Service.

Once a final decision is made and posted by the Postal Service (if it comes to that), our community will have 30 days in which to direct appeals to the Post Master General and District Manager . But let’s not wait: please take time to write and also sign the petition on Northfield Patch: . Thank you.

Suzie Nakasian, City Council, 1st Ward Representative, 507-301-6756,

Betsey Buckheit, City Council, 2nd Ward Representative, 507-581-3991,

Post Master General Contact Information

Patrick R. Donahoe, Post Master General and CEO
United States Post Office
475 L’Enfant Plaza, S.W.
Washington, DC 20260

District Manager Contact Information

Anthony Williams, Regional District Manager
Northland District
United States Postal Service
100 1st Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401-9990

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Downtown PO

All you free market types who want the government to operate more like a business, and want to reduce taxes, and want to reduce government deficits, now want the rest of us to subsidize an oversized, near empty facility for your convenience and (possible) benefit.


There are probably entrepreneurs who can provide you with mailboxes, stamps, and delivery services in a downtown location without taxpayer subsidies. And the building on Bridge Square probably has some potential as an economically viable venue. It's just not useful or desireable as a United States Post Office.


And while we're at it, why isn't that tiny, extraneous PO in Dundas not part of the consolodation?

Excuse me

I retract that "free market types" comment.


After all, the downtowners are using taxpayer money to rally support for a campaign to force the rest of us to pay for a downtown post office.