Directory of Free Wi-fi Access Points in Northfield

There are many free wireless access points in Northfield. These are points provided by businesses/organizations and are intended for public use. We rely on the community to keep this list up to date - if your business offers free wifi, please let us know.

We will not list WAPs that are unintentionally accessible by the public. 

Wireless Access Point Symbol

Hotspotr also has a similar list, mixed with a Google map. Note: we don't control the Hotspotr site nor information.

October 2013: The Mayor's Youth Council has also compiled a list (.pdf).

What is wireless access? From CNet:

Every wireless access point (AP)--that is, a box with an antenna and a wired Internet connection that sends out radio signals within a limited range--creates a region of connectivity around it. Some coffee shops, for instance, install access points so that you can get online from an outside table, and airports employ them to make sure that business travelers don't have to search for Ethernet jacks. All of these access points, and even private APs, such as those in homes or large office buildings, create regions of Internet access that roving laptops, including yours, might access. These areas of connectivity, when they're open to the public, are commonly referred to as hot spots.