Depot is Prepared to Move!!


Save the Northfield Depot announces that construction workers have separated the 1888 depot building from the 1944 addition that cannot be moved (see photo).  In addition, the south wall of the building which was removed in 1944 has been rebuilt.  Volunteers recently stacked some of the 1944 bricks removed from the building; construction workers will move the pallets of bricks to the new site.  

Work continues for the preparation of the move of the depot in the next few weeks.The moving company has delivered some beams and is planning on being on site this week.  Loading the depot building onto the moving truck is expected to take about two weeks.  Activity has also started on the future site with the placement of the water runoff membrane and capping of the old water mains.  Photos of the construction progress can be viewed on the website at  under the live link, “View photos of our move/construction progress”.

The S’mores fund-raising event, originally scheduled on Give to the Max Day but cancelled because of weather, will be held in the Bridge Square area during Winter Walk, December 10th from 5 – 9 p.m. Shoppers will be warmed by the fire pit as well as the warm s’mores.  With a $5 donation contributors will enjoy a real s’more and have the satisfaction of knowing they have helped with the next step of the project after the move, i.e., exterior repair of the 1888 Depot.