City prepares for restaurant and bar reopening

City departments are working together and identifying opportunities under the executive orders and state guidelines to support restaurants and bars and their outdoor service areas where possible.

The City recognizes some restaurants and bars have outdoor space on their properties that may be used for take-out drive-up lanes or customer seating and some are located in areas where that is not a viable option.

“Restaurants and bars are an important part of our community fabric,” said Mitzi Baker, City of Northfield’s community development director. “We are committed to supporting business operations during this ever evolving situation while maintaining the public’s health and safety.”

At this time, the City encourages restaurants and bars to become familiar with the current executive orders and the safety, spacing and capacity limitations set by the state.

Businesses considering outdoor service areas, should prepare detailed plans for their outdoor space and include accurate and scaled measurements of tables, chair locations, aisle widths, perimeter dimensions and access controls for outdoor service. For downtown businesses that may want to include use of public right-of-way, they should prepare plans that include these details and clearly identify the space they may need for viable operations, while still maintaining access for other businesses.

The City will share additional information once it has learned more about the details of the current state guidelines and have identified a process to review outdoor customer service areas.

Businesses can find the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development’s re-opening guidelines on their website:

Guidance on safely reopening Minnesota businesses