City of Northfield pro-rates refunds for on-sale liquor license fees for 32 licensees

At their May 5, 2020 meeting, the Northfield City Council unanimously approved proration of refunds for on-sale liquor licenses.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Minnesota Governor Walz has issued several needed executive orders that have impacted businesses. In recognition of these impacts, staff has been researching potential pro-rated refunds for liquor license fees. Liquor license fees are meant to pay for license issuance, inspection, monitoring compliance (insurance, training, etc.), enforcement, and compliance checks of the licensee.

Establishments have not been able to use their liquor licenses or have very limited use of their licenses. The City has 32 on-sale liquor licenses eligible for a refund. 

“The amount of the refund to each business may not be very large, but during these times every little bit helps,” said City Clerk Deb Little. “The current cost of the refunds is approximately $7,400.”

City staff will issue one refund to each licensee when the executive order related to the temporary closure of bars, restaurants and other places of public accommodation ends.